5 Best Dwarf Fruit Trees For Preppers

Many Preppers imagine that it would be completely impossible for them to consider a fruit tree in such a small area. But a fruit tree could be an amazing addition to your small garden, or even simply a patio or balcony. You just have to choose the right one, or ones, for your space. Today, we are fortunate that there are many dwarf fruit tree varieties to choose from.

Preppers can grow their own food, even in the smallest of areas. Dwarf fruit trees offer one wonderful way for gardeners to make the most of the space they have available.

1. Dwarf Apple Trees

There are many different dwarf apple tree varieties you can choose from, and which one you choose, will completely depend on your USDA zone. Dwarf Granny Smith and Golden Delicious varieties, for example, do well in USDA zones 4 through 8, while Garden Delicious dwarf varieties do well in USDA zones 5 through 8. Whichever dwarf variety you choose to grow though, make sure you follow the care directions, and you’ll be able to grow in a large pot or container!

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2. Dwarf Peach Tree

If you live in cooler climates, a dwarf peach or apricot tree is your best bet! Not only do these trees fruit quickly, but you can also move them indoors if the cold sets in earlier. You can expect a dwarf peach or apricot tree to fruit within 1-2 years of planting.

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3. Dwarf Cherry Trees

Dwarf cherry trees will actually thrive in pots and containers, and their blossoms also look stunning, making them the perfect patio plant. You can choose from two types of dwarf cherry trees: sweet and sour cherries. While sweet cherries are easily found in grocery stores, sour cherries are not so common, but they’re a lot easier to grow than their sweet counterpart and make for perfect cherry pies.

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4. Dwarf Fig Trees

Fig trees not only look stunning, but they’ll provide you with the most delicious fruit and will also thrive in pots on a patio or a small backyard. You can choose from a fully dwarf variety or a semi dwarf variety, which can grow up to 8 feet in height. They’re easy to care for and can produce a lot of fruit.

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5. Dwarf Orange Trees

If you’re looking to grow small orange trees, the Calamondin orange is the best for the job. Although the fruit itself is very tart, and not usually consumed raw, it is best reserved for lemonades and marmalades. This orange tree looks stunning in an outdoor setting, but should be brought indoors once weather cools.

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The options mentioned above should show you that there are plenty of dwarf fruit trees to choose from, wherever you live. So don’t make a lack of space an excuse. Start growing your own food right away – including plenty of fresh fruit!


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