What Is Survival Builder


What Is Survival Builder
Survival Builder is the first online tool that lets you build threat specific plans, fully customisable to your and your family’s situation, strengths and weaknesses. Each plan delivers the right knowledge, skills, tools and supplies information just for you, from our collection of over 3000 specialized manuals. No time wasted. You get the information you need straight away, while skipping the stuff that you don’t.

When it’s time to hit the “go” button, no matter the situation, the right plan is actioned. Everyone knows where to go and what to do. Threats are minimised. You and your family’s survival is maximised. You have the knowledge, confidence and plan needed to endure whatever is thrown at you.

With your plans in place and preparations carried out, you will never worry again about your ability to survive and protect your family again.

Survival Builder

SurvivalBuilder is among the few survival merchandise in the marketplace I’d truly advocate! It’s quick turn out to be my “go to” survival prep software, thanks guys

I wasn’t certain if SurivalBuilder was for me, since I’m fairly skilled in survival and emergency preparedness. However I quickly realised that it’s unbelievable new method to generate and retailer catastrophe plans for any talent stage, together with mine. I’m actually having fun with having all my plans saved in a single place and straightforward accessible


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