The Lost Ways Pro’s And Con’s Review

The Lost Ways is the bestselling survival prepping guide online these days. It has sold thousands of copies and has a ton of satisfied customers. With all the conflicts and natural disasters taking place in current times, survival prepping has become very popular. Many people are starting to see the need to be prepared just in case a disaster occurs. Claude Davis is an expert survivalist who has experience and knowledge that allows him to survive in the harshest of environments. He decided to write The Lost Ways so that people would know how to survive earthquakes, typhoons, tsunamis, floods and terrorist attacks. These are very real scenarios and knowledge is power when it comes to making it through in one piece during these calamities. Anyone and everyone will benefit for learning how to...

Survival MD Pro’s And Con’s Review

Survival MD is a first aid guide on steroids. This is one of those books with real world, practical information that you can use in many medical emergencies. There is nothing worse than seeing someone you love injured or in dire need of medical aid… and you don’t have a clue what to do. This happens all the time on a daily basis because most people just don’t have the knowledge to administer immediate help to the person in need. It is a scary situation and the feeling of helplessness can be paralyzing. Mr. Robert Grey experienced this first hand when Hurricane Katrina hit and he had no access to emergency care. Unfortunately for Robert, he didn’t have the knowledge to help the person in need and he lost his loved one. Stricken with grief, Robert swore that he’d do whatever he could to educ...

Blackout USA Pro’s And Con’s Review

The survival prepping trend has been increasing over the years. As more and more natural disasters and terrorist attacks occur, people are starting to be aware that they need to be prepared just in case any disaster occurs. These are very real threats and anyone could find themselves in a precarious situation at any time. This explains the popularity of survival and prepper courses and guides nowadays. The trend shows no signs of waning and there are many manuals, guides and courses on this topic all over the internet. One of the bestselling survival courses with thousands of satisfied customers is Blackout USA. Written by Alex Deacon, this guide covers a very important topic about how you should survive and cope during an electromagnetic pulse incident, also known as an EMP attack. Alex h...

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