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Snare Trap


When it comes to outdoor survival, eating is one of your last concerns.  Humans can go up to 3 weeks without food, but only 3 days without water and just a few hours without shelter in extreme weather conditions!

With that said, I like to eat!

Having a source of food in outdoor survival situations will make all of the other aspects a lot easier.

A lot of people like to imagine that they will be eating large game when surviving in the wilderness. The truth is that you probably won’t be eating a big buck or moose but probably eating insects for survival or forage wild edibles.

However, trapping and snaring animals can be great for getting survival food. Not only are small game tastier than roasted crickets, but the physical act of making and setting the animal traps or snares will also give you something to do, which will take the edge off the situation.

Here’s some of the simplest animal traps and snares for outdoor survival which require virtually no supplies to make.

Simple Snare

If you find an animal den, you can use this snare.  Just tie a small loop and pass the end of some wire or string through it to make a loop noose.   Put the snare in front of the animal den.  If using string, you’ll have to use some sticks to prop the noose open.

When the animal exits the den, its head will get stuck in the noose.  As it struggles, the noose will tighten around it.

It is best to use wire for this simple snare because it is easier to leave open.  Also, an animal can easily get its head out of a string noose.  However, string can work too.

Premade Snare Trap Kit Review

Snare Trap

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This snare trap set from Vigilant Trails comes complete with three small game snares and anchor wires that are ready to go, right out of the box. Lightweight and portable, this snare set comes packed in a convenient carry case that can even fit in a shirt pocket.

The set comes with some high quality, made in the USA snares, and (one of our favorite parts of this set) a metal carry case. We love this case for new trappers because it comes complete with a full instruction set and diagram for setting up your first snares. Plus, it even comes with a trapping cheat-sheet which tells you what size loop you should use and how high the trap should be for a variety of different small mammals.

A snare trap kit like this is perfect for new Preppers who don’t want the hassle of creating their own kit out of pieces from the hardware store. For many new trappers, these snares are higher quality and much easier to use than anything they could make themselves.

While it’s a bit pricey for three snares, we think this kit is well worth the price for the ease of use and its simplicity. Plus, if you ever have to use the snares, you can reuse the metal carry case, which is the perfect size for any bug out bag or emergency preparedness kit.

Ultimately, a good snare trap could make a huge difference in an emergency. Whether you choose to make your own or buy a pre-made kit, it’s important to understand the basics of snare trapping so that you’re prepared should the time come.

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