Grazing Management : Infographic

Grazing is the method by which livestock consumes forage. When animals eat forage, they receive energy and nutrients. Grazing management is the way farmers, or ranchers, manipulate where their animals graze. If farmers use a quality grazing management system, they are able to promote rapid regrowth of forage in grazing season which helps reduce feed... Read more

The Best Aquaponics Fish Species To Eat

There are a variety of freshwater fish that you can stock in your Aquaponics holding tanks. Before choosing the correct fish for your system, we suggest that you research which types of fish are best suited to the weather, temperature, and general conditions of your location. Some other things to consider: Fish do not develop... Read more

Survival Skill: How To Hot Wire A Car

Today, we’ve written an article for educational and legal purposes only. Perhaps you’ve lost your keys and you need to get your car going in an emergency situation. We don’t promote the use of anything we teach on Doomsday News for illegal purposes. Ok, so that’s enough of the formalities. Let’s get started. Before you remove... Read more

Self Sufficiency In The Modern World

Off grid, offline or even off the net, call it what you will, complete self-sufficiency is difficult in today’s world. Some may even believe they are totally off grid right now but may not be. You may say you have a solar, hydro or wind turbine system in place, but these systems will require maintenance... Read more

Apple Varieties Around the World

How many types of apples are there? Experts suggest that more than 7,500 varieties of apple exist, with many of them being cultivars, or varieties created from selective breeding by humans. In the United States alone, there are 2,500 different types of apples. List off what you’ll usually see at the grocery store and you’ll... Read more