Want Tiny House Amazon Will Deliver

Amazon will now deliver you an actual house. A shipping container house to be specific. MODS International has now made their shipping container home shockingly easy to order, all it takes is a few clicks and small space sustainable living can be yours. This is a completely finished 320 square foot tiny home. Manufactured by... Read more

Survival Can You Eat Dog Food ?

In our current comfy, technology-ridden lives we rarely have a reason to sacrifice our comforts, but what if the world was a much different place?  What if your own city wasn’t a city, but a wasteland?  And what if, in a matter of hours, you went from comfortable and sustained, to simply needing to survive?  Have... Read more

Instructions to Make a Snare Trap

  When it comes to outdoor survival, eating is one of your last concerns.  Humans can go up to 3 weeks without food, but only 3 days without water and just a few hours without shelter in extreme weather conditions! With that said, I like to eat! Having a source of food in outdoor survival... Read more

Becoming a Beekeeper Things You Must Know

Beekeeping is the new buzz! More and more individuals are becoming beekeepers not just because it’s so fascinating, but because so many health-conscious consumers are flocking to the health benefits of honey! Today’s health-conscious consumer wants to decrease the risk of diabetes, which afflicts 27 million Americans due to all the sugar in our diet.... Read more