The Downside of Survival Readiness

It is great to be prepared but gathering a ready cache of food and supplies is just half the battle. You must consider all disaster scenarios and that includes home protection. When things really start to go South people will be willing to do almost anything to get the things they need especially people who... Read more

Food and Survival: How Storage Can Save Your Life

One of the most important things to consider when prepping your home for a large-scale catastrophe is food. You may have already obtained spoil-proof foods that you and your family can subsist on for a year or more but those foods are not going to be worth anything if they are not properly stored. The... Read more

Electricity Generation

Being able to generate your own electricity in your home will be a huge boon during a significant cataclysm. Do not let yourself be lulled into thinking that the electrical grid can withstand any kind of damage. No matter how well-built the grid is, nothing is infallible. Having electricity in your home can be the... Read more

Liberty Generator Review

There are a lot of bold statements made on the Liberty Generator site and some of them sound downright unbelievable. What Liberty Generator is selling is a way for you to not only power your home with electricity on the cheap but a way to also produce enough electricity that the electric company will actually... Read more

Essential Woodworking Skills for Survival

You may not have any background in carpentry or woodworking but when all hell breaks loose, basic woodworking is a skill that you will be very glad you obtained. The importance of woodworking skills cannot be understated in a crisis situation. Woodworking can be applied in any situation no matter how dire or mild. For... Read more

How To Build Anything: Woodworking Plans

There I a lot that can slip through the crack when trying to learn wood crafting. There is so much information and an experienced woodworker may not make the best teachers since they may assume that you already have a certain level of knowledge. The author of "How to Build Anything" assures the reader that... Read more