Choosing Between Two Types of Disaster Management Plan

  Disaster management according to most experienced emergency and disaster responders is a complex system of preparation. As most people would say, “how would you be able to prepare your self for something that you do not know?” Complicated as it may sound but effective disaster management planning actually takes seventy five percent of common... Read more

Self-Defense: Discover Why Your Actions in the First 30 Seconds Will Save Your Life

During times of crisis, it’s inevitable to see crimes increase. These could range from thefts to assaults to looting and much worse. History will show us that whenever there are riots or other dire situations, criminals will grab the chance to create chaos and grab whatever they can. It’s just common sense to assume that... Read more

Protect Your Shelter: How to Prevent Strong Winds From Damaging Your Home

Hurricanes, typhoons and cyclones can be terrifying. If you’re wondering what the difference is between the three, there really isn’t any difference. They’re just called different names depending on where these storms originate. Those that form in the Northwest Pacific are called typhoons while those that form in the in the Atlantic and Northeast Pacific... Read more

8 Food Storage Tips for Preppers

One of the first thoughts that crosses most people’s minds during times of crisis is food. They wonder if they have enough food at home to last through the crisis and in most cases they don’t, because prepping for emergencies is not the norm. So, they start rushing to the grocery store to grab whatever... Read more