Brain Training For Dogs Review

A dog is a man’s best friend. As human population has grown so has pet population, and the most loved pets according to surveys are dogs. In fact, owning a dog is healthy and there are scientific reasons behind it. If you own a dog, you get sick less often, more resistant to allergies, have... Read more

Five Dual Purpose Livestock For Your Homestead

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right livestock for your homestead or small farm. Depending on where you live, growing large amounts of food and raising animals can be challenging, especially in an urban or suburban setting. Though homesteading is becoming a growing trend, the rising cost of land and property taxes... Read more

Becoming a Beekeeper Things You Must Know

Beekeeping is the new buzz! More and more individuals are becoming beekeepers not just because it’s so fascinating, but because so many health-conscious consumers are flocking to the health benefits of honey! Today’s health-conscious consumer wants to decrease the risk of diabetes, which afflicts 27 million Americans due to all the sugar in our diet.... Read more

Requirements For Keeping Chicken

Looking for a pet that’s relatively easy to keep in your backyard?  If so, look no further than backyard chickens !  Believe it or not, keeping chicken is an easy task and can be done in one’s backyard even if you live in suburbia or inner urban areas. This is due to the fact that... Read more

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